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Whimsical Cedar Shake Roofing Brockton MA, is a Stellar Choice!

Getting ready to install a new roof is an exciting time! Your roof not only protects your home from the outside elements but also enhances the allure of the property. When you'd like your home to have a unique, custom look, we suggest opting for cedar shake roofing Brockton. Cedar shakes are exquisite in design and make any home look a touch more charming. Do you want a cottage or rustic vibe?

Then cedar shake roofing is a great option! A more thorough evaluation of the style of roof that's best for you can be performed during your FREE consultation with our design team. In almost every case, cedar shakes are a compatible choice for homeowners and even some business owners.

Since 2012 our contractors have been designing, building, and installing roofing systems. We are a GAF-certified company that values hard work and affordable prices. Whether cedar shakes or asphalt shingles, your roof should be rock-solid in design and application. Our top priority is making sure that happens, guaranteed.

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Are Shake Roofs a Cut Above the Rest?

We can honestly say that cedar roof shingles in Brockton, MA, definitely have their benefits. There are also plenty of equally valuable roofing materials. It's all in how the shingles are installed, which is why our contractors are the best in the biz. Let's look at why cedar shake roofing makes an outstanding choice:

  • Naturally Resilliant - We love the fact that cedar shakes are naturally resistant to UV rays, insect damage, weather, and strong winds. In addition, cedar is chock-full of natural preservatives that create a rooftop that protects itself with little to no intervention.
  • Humidity Resistant - Prett much anything made from wood is susceptible to warping and bloating during bouts of extreme humidity. However, cedar is special, rebounding humidity off its surfaces, creating a damage-proof environment.
  • Highly Durable - Cedar shake roofing is known to withstand just about anything during storms, high winds, and other extreme environments. It's just as durable as metal roofing in many ways.
  • Easy to Install - Cedar shake is very lightweight and straightforward to work with. Your new roof will be installed much quicker versus heavier materials like slate.
  • A great Insulator - Do you know that cedar is naturally insulated? You can expect your home to retain comfortable, consistent temperature levels, so your heating and cooling bills will drop dramatically.

All in all, cedar shakes are an optimal roofing material that you'll be completely satisfied with. Between its charming curb appeal and strong weather resistance, cedar shake roofing is the golden package.

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Do Yourself a Solid and Get Cedar Shingles!

We humbly ask you to perform a small test. Take a walk outside and give your current roof a good stare-down. What do you see? Are there areas of discrepancy? Maybe your roof doesn't look so great compared to your neighbors'. Perhaps you want to update the top of your home with a wood shake roof in Brockton. The first piece to the puzzle is getting a FREE consultation, inspection, and estimate from our GAF-certified contractor.

They'll be able to clue you in on any roof damages you may have, as well as the cost of repair. If your roof is past its warranty, a replacement may be in the future. If so, you might want to choose cedar shake roofing if you're looking for a rustic, cottage-core style. Have you had a chance to visit our blog page yet? There, you'll get an in-depth explanation of cedar shakes and their value.

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Our Brockton Roofers are the Ones to Call!

The Brockton Roofers are dedicated to success. Over the years, the company has designed, built, installed, and replaced a good number of roofing systems. As a result, our customers can have absolute confidence in our capabilities. You just can't get any more unique than that when it comes to cedar shakes. We love the look and feel that cedar gives to a home.

When we think of wood shake roofing, we imagine a cozy, quiet environment that exudes curb appeal. Cedar shakes are not a great option for large commercial buildings, but a small business with a more home-like structure is a perfect candidate. Our skilled contractors will help you sort out your options during your no-fee consultation.

In addition, you'll find a before-and-after gallery of previous projects on our website that will surely inspire you and help you determine whether cedar shakes are the way to go or not. Today is the day to start your new roof journey.



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The Brockton Roofers is a well-established roofing company that offers residential and commercial services. You can count on us for timely roof repair, replacement, installation, and new construction. We also provide 24/7 emergency roof repair when life hands you lemons. Reach out to us today and get on the schedule for a FREE inspection.

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