The Most Popular Roofing Types and Materials for 2023

November 9, 2022

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Choosing roofing materials for your property isn’t as simple as you might assume! One reason is that there are more options available than ever before. Two, property owners might assume that the roofing material on their property currently is their only choice!

However, knowing a bit more about roofs can help any homeowner or commercial property owner choose the right material. Additionally, you can better budget for eventual repairs and replacement. With this in mind, note some of the most popular roofing material options for your property.

The Best Roofing Materials for Your Property

Note some pros and cons of popular roofing materials for both residential and commercial properties. Then, talk to a roofing contractor near you for more advice if needed!

Why choose a metal roof?

Metal roofing is an excellent choice for any property! One reason to choose metal is that it’s extremely durable, often lasting 50 years or more. Two, metal is very fire resistant. In turn, it won’t feed a housefire or combust if hit by lightning. Metal is also easily recyclable, making it a very eco-friendly choice.

Also, manufacturers powder coat metal in a variety of colors, ensuring you’ll find something to complement your structure. Additionally, snow and ice slide off metal easily, making metal a great choice for areas with long winters. Contractors can also apply lightweight metal over existing roofing when allowed.

Lastly, metal offers excellent insulation for interior spaces. On the downside, metal roofing often requires specialty installers and repair contractors. Moreover, it’s typically one of the more expensive options you might choose.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of shingles?

Asphalt shingles are typically the most popular residential and commercial roof choice. They’re affordable and easy to install. Even property owners can typically replace a few missing shingles themselves! Also, manufacturers have created more durable and better insulating shingles over the years.

Cons of asphalt shingles include their durability, as most need replacing after about 20 to 25 years. Additionally, roofers can’t typically install heavy shingles over existing materials. In turn, you’re sure to face the cost of a tear-off when they need replacing!

Moreover, shingles don’t tend to hold up well in strong storms. Long-term sun exposure and heavy moisture also risk damage. In turn, you might face more repairs and maintenance costs with shingles than any other material.

What makes clay tile roofs so valuable?

Clay and ceramic roofs offer a stunning, natural appearance many homeowners love. Additionally, clay and ceramic resist saltwater damage. The lighter color also reflects rather than absorbs sunlight. In turn, clay and ceramic are favorite choices in coastal regions and the tropics. Durable clay can also last decades if not a century or more!

Also, note that heavy clay tiles are not likely to blow away in a storm. The material’s density means excellent interior insulation. On the other hand, property owners might pay more for clay roofing than many other materials. The natural look might also seem out of place on modern homes or country cottages.

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What are the advantages of a slate roof?

Slate also offers a stunning aesthetic property owners love, and heavy slate doesn’t tend to blow away in high winds. Additionally, durable slate might last for a hundred years or more. It’s also easy to recycle slate and use it for other projects, keeping old roofing out of landfills.

On the downside, you might pay more for slate roofing than any other option. Also, not every roofer offers slate installation and repairs. In turn, expect to pay more for labor when your slate roof needs fixing or replacing.

Are concrete tiles good for roofing?

Concrete might not sound like an attractive roofing option, but the material offers many benefits. First, a manufacturer might shape and color concrete into a variety of finishes. Second, concrete is typically more affordable than other high-end choices.

Also, concrete isn’t as combustible as other roofing materials. You can also recycle concrete easily, making it a very eco-friendly choice. Above all, durable concrete might last some 50 years before it needs replacing.

Why choose rolled roofing materials?

Choose a rolled roofing material for low-slope roofs and outbuildings such as sheds or workshops. A rolled roof material offers a very affordable option but usually only lasts about 8 years. Also, it’s not a very attractive roof material! On the other hand, it offers a fast and affordable installation for those on a budget.

Are rubber roof materials any good?

Rubber roof materials offer an excellent solution for flat roofs. The rubber material repels standing water that might otherwise get trapped on low-slope surfaces. Additionally, rubber membranes offer excellent interior insulation and a low price tag! On the other hand, they’re not a very attractive option for homes and commercial structures.

Which Type of Roofing Is Best?

Now that you know a bit more about roofing options, you might wonder which is best for your property. In truth, there is no “best” material for a home or business. Instead, consider your installation budget and long-term costs. For instance, you might pay more for a metal roof installation now but then face fewer repair costs over time.

Also, consider local weather conditions. Asphalt shingles might get brittle under harsh sunlight, for example. On the other hand, clay and metal stand up to sun exposure, high winds, and other inclement weather.

Lastly, consider a roof’s overall appearance and your property’s resale value. A generic or industrial-looking roof might detract from residential homes. To the contrary, a stunning metal or slate roof might improve property values more than any other option.

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Roofing Material?

Your choice of cost-effective roofing material also depends on your property and budget. For instance, asphalt shingles are cheap to install and repair. But they also have one of the shortest lifespans of any option! You might replace a shingle roof two or three times as often as metal or slate.

On the other hand, affordable shingles are excellent if you might put your property on the market soon. You can offer the property for sale with a durable roof overhead, which buyers love! However, you won’t be paying for a roof that lasts decades longer than you plan on owning that structure.

Lastly, consider a material’s insulating properties. Investing in thick clay or metal can mean lower utility costs year-round. Lighter clay can also keep your structure cooler during the summer months. That can also mean lower air conditioning costs and comfortable interior space.

Which Is Better, a Shingle Roof or Metal?

Note some pros and cons of both single and metal, and their overall differences. You can then decide which is better for your property!

  • Pricing is one primary advantage of asphalt shingles versus metal. This includes both installation and repair costs. Consequently, anyone on a budget might consider shingles the better option.
  • Also, due to their affordability, consider shingles for a property you might sell sometime soon. After all, why pay for a roof that will last for decades after you’ve moved out?
  • Various metal colors mean that you can find something that matches your home’s exterior colors easily. On the other hand, a metal roof might stand out in some residential neighborhoods.
  • Snow and ice slide off a metal roof easily. Consequently, you might prefer this material for a property in an area with lots of heavy snowfall.
  • A roofer might add a lightweight metal roof over an existing roof where allowed. However, shingles are often too heavy for installation over existing materials.

Lastly, consider asking a roofing installation contractor their recommendation for these materials. He or she might note if one is a better option for your property or neighborhood. Also, they can give you accurate price quotes to compare. Then, you can make an informed decision about your property’s roofing needs!

The Most Durable Type of Roof

Contractors often consider slate as the most durable type of roof. Some slate roofs in existence are over a hundred years old! Also, clay and ceramic tile provide a durable surface that resists cracking and other damage. Lastly, metal is extremely durable, especially when installed properly and maintained over the years.

On the other hand, note that today’s asphalt shingles also offer a durable material. Manufacturers have improved their processes over the years so that today’s shingles last longer than ever before. Consequently, you can typically invest in a high-quality shingle material and enjoy a durable roof overhead for some 25 to 30 years or more.

The Brockton Roofers is happy to provide these pros and cons of various roofing materials to our readers. Hopefully, it helps you choose the right option for your property! If you’re in the area and need expert services, contact our Brockton roof repair contractors. We offer FREE inspections and price quotes for repairs, installation, and other reroofing needs. Additionally, we use only the highest-quality materials, including shingles, metal, and more. We also guarantee every project for quality and durability! To find out more, use our contact form or just give us a call.


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