How Long Does a Roof Last in Massachusetts?

April 20, 2023

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Are you a homeowner or buyer wondering how long does a roof last in Massachusetts? This is a fair question for a few reasons! First, roof repairs and installation can sometimes cost thousands of dollars. Second, the state’s weather often wreaks havoc on roofs, more so than in other areas of the country.

In turn, a homeowner or buyer might wonder how various materials hold up before they need fixing or replacement. With this in mind, keep reading to learn more about common roof materials used for homes in Massachusetts. This information can help you decide which is right for you or when your current roof might need some attention!

How Long a Roof Lasts in Massachusetts, By Material

To better explain how long a roof lasts in Massachusetts, it’s good to break this information down by the material. This might help you more easily choose between various options to ensure a strong roof overhead.

Asphalt shingles

Standard asphalt shingles are still the most popular roofing material throughout the country. One reason for this is that they’re very affordable. Two, a homeowner can often replace a few missing shingles themselves, saving on repair costs. On the downside, asphalt shingles might last only 15-25 years.

Weather conditions are a prime reason for this shorter lifespan. Hot summertime sun, as well as high winds and hail, damage asphalt shingles more readily than other materials. Also, those strong winds you experience during summer and fall can risk shingles flying off the roof.

To ensure the longest asphalt shingle lifespan, invest in a high-quality brand-name material. Additionally, rely on a reputable contractor for repairs and installation. Poor-quality work can increase the risk of losing shingles in storms or other avoidable damage.

Metal roofing

A metal roof is incredibly durable and might last anywhere from 40 to 80 years or longer. This is true despite the state’s harsh and inclement weather conditions. First, snow and ice often slide right off a metal roof, preventing ice dams and water damage. Second, you can brush lingering snow, ice, storm debris, and other materials off the roof easily.

Additionally, metal doesn’t feed mold, mildew, moss, or algae, helping to prolong its lifespan. Metal also provides a fire-resistant roof, so it’s safe even during lightning storms.

However, high winds risk blowing away lightweight metal panels. Moreover, note that metal expands when heated, such as from harsh sunlight or high summertime temperatures. This expansion can risk damaged connectors, cracks, and the like.

Clay roofing tiles

Clay roofing is a great choice for any home and works well with Mediterranean styles especially. Natural clay is also water resistant, making it very durable even in rainy weather. Since manufacturers dry clay to create those tiles, harsh sunlight also doesn’t typically risk premature damage.

Also, note that heavy clay tiles aren’t likely to blow away in high winds. The slick material also repels water and lets snow and ice slide off easily. In turn, your clay roof might last some 50 years or longer, depending on its quality.

While clay is an excellent roofing material, note that it’s also one of the most expensive. Additionally, not every roofing contractor can install heavy clay tiles. Finding a specialty roofer can then add to your clay tile roof installation costs.

slate roofing brockton

Slate roofing

Homeowners often prize slate roofing for its stunning look. However, it’s also incredibly durable! Natural slate stone repels water, so it avoids damage even during heavy rains. Also, the stone’s weight keeps it from flying off the roof in high winds.

Slate shingles are also very thick, so they don’t tend to wear away or chip during inclement weather or hailstorms. Extreme cold might make slate more brittle so that it cracks, but this is also very rare. As a result, slate roofing might last 50 to 60 years or even longer.

On the downside, slate roofs are often extremely expensive and need specialty installers. Also, a home might need added support to manage a heavy slate. That support also adds to your overall installation costs.

The Brockton Roofers is happy to help answer the question, how long does a roof last in Massachusetts? Hopefully, we’ve given you lots to think about! If you’re ready for quality roofing services, call our Brockton roof repair contractors. We’ll start your property off with a FREE price estimate and explain all your roofing services options. We carry a full range of materials, all backed by a full warranty. To find out more or to schedule your no-cost inspection and quote, call us now!


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