How Do I Know If My Roof Needs Repair in Massachusetts

January 18, 2023

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Is roof repair in Massachusetts in your near future? This is a fair question for property owners to consider. After all, knowing when to expect needed repairs allows you to budget for them more readily. Also, making repairs quickly keeps damage from getting more extensive and costly.

A full roof inspection is the best option for alerting you to developing cracks, leaks, and other issues. However, property owners might also notice signs of roof damage inside and outside their property. Check out some signs here to know when to call a contractor for roof repair near you.

how do i know if i need roof repair

How Do I Know When I Need Roof Repair in MA?

Checking the roof’s condition from the ground can often alert you to needed repairs. First, stand close to your structure and look for wavy or buckled shingles. Second, back up a bit and check for missing shingles or uneven areas. It’s especially important to look for sagging spots and obvious cracks.

Additionally, note that mold and algae can grow between shingles and tiles, dislodging them easily. In turn, check for any signs of this growth on the roof or along its edges. Moss and mildew also indicate that conditions are perfect for mold and algae growth! If you notice these irritants, your roof might need a thorough cleaning as well as repairs.

Inside your structure, check for water stains on ceilings as these often indicate roof leaks. If your property has an attack, check its ceilings carefully as well. Note any gaps or cracks, rotted wood, or drafts.

Also, remember that a roof provides insulation for interior spaces. As such, cracks and leaks typically mean increased energy costs as your appliances cycle on more often. Moreover, you might notice drafty spaces in wintertime or overly hot and humid rooms in the summertime.

Lastly, consider a roof’s age. If it’s been several years since it’s last had repairs or replacement, it’s time to schedule an inspection. A professional can note its condition and expected lifespan and tell you if repairs are in the near future!

Is Roof Repair Worth the Cost?

The short answer is yes, roof repair is always worth the cost. First, note that the longer you put off repairs, the worse that damage gets. Second, roof cracks let water seep into a structure’s interior. You might soon notice wood rot, mold growth, and other secondary damage.

Note, too, that a roof helps insulate interior spaces, as said, but only if it’s in good repair! Missing or poor-quality shingles offer little needed insulation. As a result, you might see a spike in your energy bills with a damaged, leaking roof.

Also, missing tiles or shingles can risk damage to decking and even roof rafters. Consequently, you might end up paying far more for fixes than if you addressed damage as it developed. Additionally, a damaged roof can lower property values. As a result, you might lose equity on your property rather than build that value!

contractor completing roof repair

Should I Schedule Roof Repair for a Home I Want to Sell?

Again, the answer is yes, you should schedule roof repair even for a home you’ll put on the market! One reason is that roof leaks might mean interior damage, as said, which can discourage potential buyers. Two, older roofs often mean poor curb appeal, which makes a home unsightly even in photos!

Additionally, a damaged roof lowers property values, often by far more than repair costs. Why? Because potential buyers know the hassle of scheduling inspections and reroofing! They might lower their offer by more than just their expected repair costs.

Lastly, note that a home with a damaged roof might not even pass an inspection. Consequently, buyers might not qualify for a mortgage, as lenders typically don’t sign off on loans for such homes. Even so, you’re bound to discourage several buyers from even making an offer on a home with a damaged roof! Property owners should consider needed repair before putting a house on the market.

The Brockton Roofers is happy to provide this information about roof repair in Massachusetts to our readers. Hopefully, it’s helped decide what to do for your property! If you’re in the market for expert services, contact our roofing contractors. We offer full-scale repair and installation at the fairest prices possible. Additionally, we stand behind all our work with a full guarantee in writing! To find out more or to schedule your FREE inspection and price quote, call us today.

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